(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

They Want To Dominate

So fractured are they.
So split and divided within their walls.
No depiction seems as fitting,
As crazed does for them.
With labels like conservative,
And liberalism doing them in.
Dissecting the rights to live life,
With a wholesome completeness...
They will never in their minds find.
Conflicts sit within them.
And that is expressed...
Time after time.
They wish to comform,
To that which has been driven out of control.
They wish to bring back,
Barbaric times of old.
And they are thisclose to destroying humanity.
Peace for them goes unrecognized.
It doesn't within them,
Live to free!
They will not be happy...
Until life itself ceases to be.
They want to dominate,
Their own demise!
Reigning to rule and conquer...
Until visions of them have left,
All who observe with conscious eyes.
A fatality that will not shock,
Stun or surprise!

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