They Were So Very Different

And who can blame the husband and who can blame the wife
Their marriage doomed for failure it could not last for life
They were so very different so different in every way
The ways of love not easy as some are known to say.

She the aspiring artist and he a fan of sport
And in her work he never encouraged her and offered her support
Their love bloomed for a few years and died so suddenly
They both live separate lives now and each other seldom see.

And when they meet just a brief meeting such as hello or good day
They find that to each other they don't have much to say
Her art is her great passion he has his football team
Their marriage doomed for failure from early on it did seem.

Their two years of marriage did not bring children that does not seem too bad
In their case the family court need not resolve parental disputes between mum and dad
Love between them blossomed for a brief while but that was in the past
And like 'tis said few things in life do ever seem to last.

by Francis Duggan

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