They Whisper

When I was but a child, fulfilling their
lustful needs;
they'd whisper, 'This is all your' fault',
and my heart sank to my knees.

Guiltridden and confused, consumed with
fear and shame;
they'd whisper, 'You are a bad, little
girl, you've no one else to blame'.

Sobbing quietly in my bed, as they had
their way with me;
they'd whisper, 'You know that you are
enjoying this, we're just giving you what
you need'.

Curled up in a ball, wondering what I
could have done wrong;
they'd whisper, 'You are a sweet, little
girl, for you always play along'.

Clenching my teeth as they'd leave my
room, feeling cheap, dirty and abused;
I'd whisper, 'I'll never get back what
they stole from me, my innocence and my

I'd tightly cuddle my teddy bear, the
only friend that I had;
I'd whisper, 'I'm only getting what I
deserve, for being so wicked and bad'.

Even though I felt I was not worthy, of
getting a good nights sleep;
I'd whisper, 'I know that when tonight
arrives, they'll make my tender heart

And as I lay there half asleep, thinking
what will happen tonight;
I swore I heard my teddy bear whisper,
'Hush now, don't you cry'.

by Ruth warren

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This is an incredible poem, I've never read anything like this before, you are so talented, you captured that despicable act perfectly, Charlie.