(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

They Who Fight And Amongst Themselves

Why are they who fight,
And amongst themselves...
Do it to disguise,
A dislike and hatred for one another...
Wear suits and ties,
To dignify their ignorant behavior?

'They want us to be convinced,
This is how intelligent people...
Solve their childish differences,
They have between each other.'

With a doing it to dress to impress?

'That's only one of the ways,
They portray themselves...
Above and beyond those they regard,
As being beneath them.'

And, they expect us to believe,
They represent the best of 'our' interests?

'They are hoping,
With an appropriate image given...
Of having influence and wealth,
We will not notice to pay attention...
To the depths of low a sleaze can get.
It is kept masqueraded to charade.
And we are left bedazzled.
Dazed with wishes of their promises made.'

And they believe us to be that stupid?

'Yes, of course.
We've allowed them to think it.
Why not?
They've been doing this for decades.
The only thing they have improved upon,
To update...
Is a more stylish presentation,
Of their mental limitations.'

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