(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

'They' Who Have Answered

Every message you have delivered,
I have received them.
Every signal you have sent...
I have heard.
You wanted to contact me,
And I knew this!

Every satellite propelled in space,
Beaming with signals throughout this universe.
And rocketships sent to other planets...
Equipped with devices to depict our location,
Has been witnessed and followed...
And now it is denied,
Visitors have arrived!
And some try to hide them...
Although a request for them to be guests,
Has confused!

'They' who have answered the invitations,
Aren't amused!
Would you?
If you had replied to an RSVP...
And was refused?

'Répondez s'il-vous-plaît'
~Perhaps they did not understand,
What they sent to us?
Why are they shocked?
Did they not realize we would come? ~

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ohh... are they here? let me check my mail... Il y avait un petit problème avec notre système. i didn't get an RSVP! ! ! !