They Will Always Be My Friends

I still consider them my friends the dearest friends I've known
Though little in common we seem to share and apart in ways we've grown
Our interests very different and we see things differently
To them I must seem rather strange and they seem strange to me,
We come from similar backgrounds but why should I pretend
That we share similar interests though a friend always a friend
Their main interests in sports and making money with me that's quite okay
But I look at life quite differently each to their own they say
And yet I look on them as my friends to most that would seem strange
We all are different in our ways and as we age we change
And yet they will always be my friends though in life's interests we are apart
Though for them I will always hold a fondness in my heart
And despite our different interests it may seem strange to say
That they will always be my friends until my dying day.

by Francis Duggan

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