They Will Always Be The First Australians

They will always be the first Australians that privilege to them alone belong
Their ancestors lived in Australia sixty thousand years ago and their bond to Nature strong
The children of the Dreamtime they should take pride of place
As the Aboriginal people of this southern Land but such is not the case.

The children of the Dreamtime their praises we should sing
Yet their culture is dying and that does seem such a sad thing
They have been treated badly and they have been oppressed
And their problems caused by white occupation have never been addressed.

In the Government of their Country they do not have any say
The majority rules that's how it is and 'tis always been that way
Indigenous people all around the World have received a raw deal
the invaders passed on to them their diseases and their Lands from them did steal.

They will always be the first Australians that of them cannot be denied
And the story of their dispossession has become known Worldwide
White people rule their Country they are of the underclass of their Homeland
Why this should be to fair minded people seems hard to understand

by Francis Duggan

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