They Will Have Their Say

Though what they are doing not seen as a punishable crime
One might think that they would have better to do with their time
Than in their idle moments putting others down
Their type not an asset to any village or town.

'Twould seem that they cannot leave well enough alone
They are not without sin though they do cast the stone
Judge not and thou shalt not be judged such advice they ignore
Like 'tis said the leopard never changes it's spots like you have heard before.

If they are not judging you then they are judging me
Even in death of the judgemental we will not be free
Those who pass judgement on others in their own way so small
They ignore the truth in a fair go for all.

Their kind lives in every town on every street
And their kind I know of but never wish to meet
They cannot help being judgemental since that is their way
And on how they see others they will have their say.

by Francis Duggan

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