They Will Have Us To Blame

Without a healthy natural environment you cannot have a healthy nation
And there will be far less jobs for to work in for the future generation
That the economy is built on the natural environment seems only true to say
And for our bad environmental practices the future generations will have to pay
When we abuse the natural environment we rob the nation of it's soul
We have to stop mining fossil fuels and burning brown and black coal
We have to turn to renewable energy the gifts of sun and wind
To Mother Earth who feeds us we have not been a good friend
Far too many polluting factories in every big city and town
We would be better off and far healthier if all mines were closed down
And though Climate Change is a natural occurrence as everyone does know
Without a healthy natural environment the economy cannot grow
There will not be many jobs for the future generation which does seem a great shame
But for our bad environmental practices they will have us to blame.

by Francis Duggan

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