S ( / NYC)

They Will See What They Created

how stupid can they be
lock me away
so I will totally be alone
damn I was alone for 3 days
and look what I did to myself
what the hell am I going to do
for I can't let them do this
I will lost it
I will lose the little sanity I have left
I will eat myself alive if I am left alone for that long
they think it will fix me
but it will break me
break me beyond repair
for if this happens
I will become nothing
the true me
the one locked inside
will just fade away
leaving a shell
a shell of corruption
a shell of anger
a shell of revenge
for they think I’m anger now
this is me in control
for if the true me inside fades away
it will just leave what thy create
a monster
a very very angry monster

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i know what u mean i know how it feels. though ive never been to the place that there taking u but ive been in basicly the same situation so i do know how it feels and yes it suxs and it dose seem like there distroying whats left of u. i love the poem :)
to much to soon, curb that appitite prey tell, white jackets suck my dear, just tone your reality a little bit, and light will come your way.