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They Wonder Who Do I Love

So they wonder
Who do I love?
Who is that person who broke into my life like thunder?
Who is that person who is sent to me from above?

So here is my answer
Baby.. you are a man.. so nice.. so tender
With you I feel like a little child
Because you're so passionate.. so calm.. so wild
You're so gentle.. so handsome.. so kind
With you I'm completely blind
Because I know a man like you
I could never find

You are the man whom I was looking for
You are the man that I adore
You are the man that I want
I hope that we will never be apart
So I give you all my heart

You are my world.. my life.. my soul
With you I just feel that there is no control
You make me fall in love so fast
You let me forget all the past

Your love inside me is so deep
When I think of you really I can’t sleep
I always feel that I need you so bad
I wanna give you all I had
And promise.. I’ll never make you sad

Baby.. I’m your angel
I’ll always be on your way like a candle
With you I feel no fear
I just want you always close.. so near
I’ll always give you my hand
And I’ll understand

I’ll do what you say
I’ll never go away
I’ll be with you till the end
And I’ll never pretend

Baby.. I love you so pure
I think you have to be sure

I’ll never lie
I’ll never say goodbye
Cause without you I’m so weak
Your love and care are what I really seek

17 September 1999

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