(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

They Would Find You Amusing

People who take it upon themselves,
To feel threatened by displays of intelligence...
With an expressed lack of acceptance,
That offers them a benefit they should respect...
Prove eventually to be their own worse enemies.
Since ignorance relying on it to exist,
Suffers from not comprehending...
That a mind seeking to understand,
Is not convinced that a kept ignorance...
Succeeds in the achievement to experience life.
And only those who refuse to take steps to do this,
Will always feel threatened...
By those unafraid to explore the unknown.

'THEY 'think' they know sooo much.'

~Maybe you would too,
If you chose to move beyond your doorstep.
You'd be amazed what others accept,
In environments that have an effect on your reality.~

'What do you mean? '

~There are others who also believe themselves 'down-to-Earth'.
But for some reason they have chosen to explore
And experience their existence of it.
While you have chosen to depict people like this,
As being intelligent.
They would find you amusing like I do.~

'Oh yeah?
But who told you 'You' were intelligent? '

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an amusing poem is made at the last line..Thank you for sharing your great experience, Lawrence. really nice and thought provoking..