I know this Guy
and no one will Deny
To say I must
he was thick as the earth's Crust

Stupid is, stupid be
But this guy you see
Was dim, dumb and dazed
And well Crazed

But in his funny, idiotic, moron Way's
He was Ok on certain Day's
The weird, foolish, senseless thing about it is,
He whizzed through any Crossword Quiz

by David Darbyshire

Comments (5)

Yes, I know a couple of these people---excellent poem---Melvina
Hello David, this is a real tongue twister, it has a lovely rhythem too. And! it made me smile. Stupid is as stupid does, is very very true. No one could be as thick as I. Grinning with 10 from Tai
Hidden talents in a strange one. Think I know someone like him Hugs Patricia
The chef at a local hostelry was much like this. Always causing ruptions but could do a Sudoku in 20seconds flat. Just goes to prove...never judge a cook by his bother. Danny
Ah yes, things not being quite as they seem.Thick as a book.Great write Love Duncan