Thief Stole Ma Heart

I know a thief,
she stole my most treasured possession,
protects it with her life,
making sure no one else gets ahold of it,

what a greedy thief,
she keeps it everywhere she goes,
and shows it off too,
brags about it all day,

she treats it the best,
cant lie about that,
actually pretty glad she stole it,
it's the safest it could ever be,

now when i stare inside,
it's locked up in a nice cozy box,
all around it she placed her mark,
sweetheart here my baby there my love everywhere,

she contains such a powerful skill,
one of beauty...
one of happiness...
one of addiction...

it's contagious sticking to me,
not scared cuz she's good to me,
convinced she'd never hurt me,
if so she wouldn't have took it from me,

She stole my love,
my angel sent from above,
different from the rest,
and better then the best,

She stole my thoughts,
full of hearts and kisses,
daydreaming and late night wishes,
thinking bout an 'us' in the future,

She stole my heart,
had it from the start,
never thought i could be so happy,
by the love this thief has given me,

would of never thought,
she'd be happy with the love she stole from me,
one i know now is special to me,
one i know without it i could never be,

this thief has come to show me,
there are things in life i've never seen,
and by her side i've seen more then ever,
i can honestly say i'll love her forever,

by Yolaine Viera

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