Thieves Beware

Cozy in bed,
Late at night,
Hearing a noise,
He crept in fright,

He bumped into him,
A thief stood there,
Stealing some things,
And thinking it fair,

'Pardon, dear chap,
You steal what I own,
Do you mind leaving?
For this is my home, '

'Sorry, good man,
I'm not yet done,
I need these things,
For I have none, '

'You should be warned,
Leave my house be,
For I am a cannibal,
And you look tasty, '

The thief kept on,
But leapt in pain,
And soon was gone,
But tasted plain,

So do not steal,
For you never know,
Who wants a meal,
If you do so.

by Maddy Jones

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