The Day's Going

The day's going
To deep and the dark
From sun that's glowing
And once did spark
A day by day
To darkness of still
That comes in night way
And dreams to fulfill

And so is the heart
With days and night
It gives a start
Into each lover's flight
And brings on a song
That came to play
When hearts do long
Like stars on starry way

All dreams are awake
From a morning and theron
To give and take
Till the hour is gone
Like night that has wings
To the eternal deep
When a heart of love sings
And is your to keep

by Peter S. Quinn

Comments (2)

This takes me back to the 1960's Tamara, when one experienced all these wonderful feelings. Oooooowwwwwhhhhhh! ! ! ! ! I can feel them still! Lovely write. love Ernestine XXX
Looks like you have found your 'Knight In Shining Armour' Tamara...Congratulations