Thing Language

This ocean, humiliating in its disguises
Tougher than anything.
No one listens to poetry. The ocean
Does not mean to be listened to. A drop
Or crash of water. It means
Is bread and butter
Pepper and salt. The death
That young men hope for. Aimlessly
It pounds the shore. White and aimless signals. No
One listens to poetry.

by Jack Spicer

Comments (5)

'' No One listens to poetry. '' just the simple truth..
Whoops. Guess no answer is forthcoming then.
To K.C. Ford, whose comment is below: Dude, you are talking to someone who died in 1965!
Tougher than anything as one faces nature. Nice work.
No wonder no one listens to modern poetry. Take a break Jack. Try expressing a poem of substance. Perhaps then will people listen.