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Things I thought I wanted,
Things I thought I lacked.
Things I thought brought happiness,
Turned out to be far from that.

I journeyed through my early life,
Seeking pride and recognition.
Now I understand the things,
It means to be a whole person.

It's not success, glory, money nor pride,
Possessions, vacations,
Nor pleasure derived.

For these are inward reflections of ourselves.

Like looking out but seeing in,
trapped within a mirrored jewel,
with no spirit nor guidance to where I've been.

Turning the mirrors outward:

Reflecting noble thoughts and caring for others.
Taking a moment to say 'thank you' or 'I Iove you',
When some would consider it a bother.

Seconds, minutes, hours and days,
We are just a fragile moment away,
From life to spirit, thought and memory.
Let's fill the cup of life,
With all things good today.

After all:
It is the relationships we leave,
that is the lasting impression of our life.

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