(15/07/56 / Curragh Camp, Co. Kildare, Eire.)

' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' Things And Times(For Scarlet)

The carpet lifted
& fell

(lifted) &(fell)

like a strange

boots like boats
made their own way down

the river
that was now the main hall.

Granda's stamp

unmoored itself
from the book case

and all the countries
of the world

such a colourful

sailed out
the front door.

A triangular Outer

leading the way.

The dog barked
fromt he safety of the stairs

at the broken
china dog

who had stood guard
over the piano

for a good twenty years.

A pink tutu
& a left hand shoe

the procession

the flood
treating us humans

as if we were
mere things

and things
it elevated

into Kings
& Queens

we all losing
our heads.

The waters
ransacked our memories

scattered our lifes
about us

our possessions
deserting us

as we retreated
to the attic

going into exile
until rescued by

next door's farmer
in a beautiful pea green boat

the stars piercing
in their brightness

us watching

on the telly

as we became

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This was a reminder to me of the aftermath of Katrine, our recent storm here in my state. I have many friends there who were in the attics, watching their lives float past, and this is a very vivid picture of what they went through. Written with a depth of feeling...as always!