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Things Apart
JI (22/09/1990 / LAGOS)

Things Apart

Red, red all around
Dead all her peace
Not one a sound
Too shake this dark space
All silence and ease
A shock in paradise
Too soon to lose
This bond of greatness
The giant of a continent

Called upon two
Young, Parson
For knowledge of thy default
Parson first
No one fight with big G
She many a times
Counts equality
Man now like God
Respect now roasted
In words, deeds and thought
She say freedom, freedom
Liberty, Liberty
Chained before?
Not Adam not Eve
Not you not any
Yesterday is dead to speak
Today too bold to admit
Naked savage
Hope is tomorrow
Cope is today
Choice, I say choice

My type expires daily
Waste waist with weak words
Not good to represent
Throne of strength
Where to stand?
Who to support?
Unblood family, in-depth friends
The south still shout
Still or steal
Kill or kidnap
Jungle now dark
The North still cut
Fresh flesh
Flush red with Black Hand
O East! Now feast
Not concern
Worried for what?
Piece of peace now a priest
Thou art a pest
With no best to test your chest
Your forest now at rest

Red, red all around
Help, help all her voice
Tears, tears now her juice
Fear, fear now her faith
O giant of a continent
Thy glory a dream
Thy strength a story
If you must know
Thy value now in bidding
Thy name now a net
To hold fish in cup

This not you
Once great
Once tall
Once a source
Giant of help
Roll this shame off
For that old is our gold to hold.

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