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Things Are Not What They Seem To Be!

One day it happened, everything went wrong
When things happen! Unexpectedly! ! !
You wonder Why/why did this happen to me? ? ?
That night I asked my Lord, Why?
Why? Are all these bad things happening to me!
What have I done? Please Forgive Me! ! !
Is there something I should do? what is it?
Lord, Please Tell Me!
My Lord Replied, My Child, You don't understand
Things are not what they seem to be!
If You Look closely, Then You'll see!
All this time, I have been Protecting thee! !
The flat tire You had, You thought was bad,
Saved You! From the major accident up the road,
The radiator that blew, before You left town,
Saved You! From being stranded, on the Highway,
On that Very HOT day, Where No one was around,
My Child, Every Morning don't be in such a Hurry!
Take the time and talk to me, Ask me to guide You, on Your way,
Then You wouldn't have all these problems everyday!
Father, I give this day and everything Pertaining to it!

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