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Things Fall Apart
TR (1995/08/19 / limpopo)

Things Fall Apart

Poem By thabang ramafhi

i wake up every morning,
questioning my entire existence,
they say i must be persistent.
But i ask myself is god really present or absent,
you folks say to make it i have to be obedient.

Things fall apart,
friends became enemies,
gravity seems to be my worst enemy.
All my plans seems to be rearranged,
things i wanted to establish and accomplish,
have perished and vanish.
They say the world is round,
and yet i think is a square,
so many hurts we get from
corners here and there.

Things fall apart,
the sky is covered with a dark cloud,
i try to speak but my voice is not loud,
i tried to blend in the crowd,
but i always standout.
All my brothers are school dropouts,
my sister works as a checkout girl.
They said heavens gate was built to keep me out,
moments like this i ask God's whereabouts.

Things fall apart,
Just as we say things are getting better,
sweeter and tastier, they turn sour and bitter.
The sky just fall in the middle of a storm,
the trees are unfruitful,
the rivers are dry.
our crops in the field are devoured before harvest time.

my eyes are all red and swollen,
from the tears that shed.
My mothers knees are red from,
kneeling down and praying for a miracle,
her knuckles are frozen from knocking on heavens door,
her voice is all cranky from shouting,
hoping god can hear her.

Things fall apart,
mom lost her job,
daddy got retrenched at his.
Grandma has a disease that has no cure,
soon she will departure,
to the heavens above.
relatives have turned into strangers.
Rags and shreds cover my body,
my little sister singing,
is my rhapsody of reality.
as we stand firm together in unity.

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Misery'trouble and mess all around To me will till death all these surround? Blissful life from you I demand O my God! where is your wand? You are the hope of cure for sick Wealth are you that poor look for Safe are your arms for terror-stricken Supplicate'pray and keep on crying Those who get nothing at all....! ! Its just a matter of a word for you... Let go a merciful stroke of your wand.... Let the world be like your magic land! ! !