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Things Have To Fall Apart So Things Can Fall Together!

some times things have to fall apart,
to let things fall together,
just something we all have to sever,
take the bad and you will see,
have bad but good things can be,
this is fair life,
even though at times it may not seem,
but when your happy you usually lost in a dream,
i want to be perfect,
but it bad things arnt what any one picked,
somethngs aer bad,
wishing thenm away with all you had,
just so you will no longer be sad,
but when things are good,
you smile just like everyone should,
and i know i would,
life goes on threw the good and threw thhe bad,
even when we dont wast what we have had,
when we want something not to go away,
or when you really dont want the hurtful people to stay,
things need to fall apart,
but when things are about to start,
you will start to things fall...

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Langston Hughes


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