Things I Miss

I miss the way you care about me
and the way you say hello
I miss the way you tell me not to worry
because you will never go
I miss the things we do together
the happy moments we used to spend
I miss the teasing and the fighting
and the broken hearts we used to mend
I miss the nagging and the laughing
the joking and crying too
I miss the searching and the waiting
when we have nothing left to do
I miss the good times and bad times
we had when you're still here
I miss the sharing of our stories
and the feeling that you're near
I miss the bestfriend and the listener
the one i used to have
I miss the comfort and the tenderness
and not romantic love
I hope one day, all these i miss
would come back and stay
But as of now, i have nothing to do
but reminisce and pray

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