Things Just Happen

Love takes a different road
the land mines and volcanos
Sweet melody to the ears
like a rock with solitude
Mind and Heart
Don't speak the same language
dreams feel true
Fact and fiction comes alive
fighting a battle not to be won
How the tommorow looks so bright
With lot of tenderness and light
Still I question myself
The wrath of land and water combine
passion and compassion tell the same story?
The Bond, the chain
Is there to stay?
Or will be broken to say the same

by Jithu Varghese

Comments (3)

The unexpected is a blessing, to make another step or leap, in life.A good piece indeed Jithu!
Love and life beautifully entwined. The poem is a wonderful example of broken imagery. Title is very spontaneous. Well done, Jithu. Best Wishes Naseer
the meandrous twists and turns of life and the main element of love in it well done!