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Thursady 9
CC Connie Chambers ( / )

Thursady 9

It stings the cut on my arm and the bump on my head
just as they always do
Its over within 30 seconds so little time such pain and deprssion
there are always people when we fight and im the one to blam
'You had no right to swing at her' thats what she always says when we fight, just befor the deeping silence. not from the people around me just from her, she is silent when we fight.
I step out side and walk yup and around the 180 foot drive way a if witing for all of them to understand why. the truth reason was that i hate the silence perhaps thats why the winds sings when I walk. Mow the forest in all its dull reds and grayish oranges, thet thum almost as a beat to the wind. oh the pain increases and i need relife, but no more will blood flow from the hdden...
most try to comfort me and usually it never works. I wish they knew how hard it is to fit all the expectations.

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