AC (16 Nov 1953 / Jammu)

Things That Move Me

So so many things move me..
natures beauty
in amazing things
the sun sinking slowly,
on a pink cloud's wings,
the leaves shining clean,
after the first monsoon rain,
the smile of a child,
who has never known life's pain,
the opening of little beaks,
in a nest made with love,
seeking their mother
in the blue sky above..
so many things bring a lump to my throat
a haunting piece of music,
a good book, a wise quote.
old age that seeks succour,
in the loneliness today,
nothing that can keep the
dangers at bay,
mistakes that we made,
repeated again
life comes full circle
and brings back the pain,
barbs thrown at a loved one,
intention to hurt,
better to be silent than,
vicious and curt,
happiness a virtue,
thats all in the mind
what if we were deaf, or dumb or blind...
we can choose to be happy
or live to be sad,
u cannot feel the good,
unless u feel the bad,
God made this world so wondrous,
and gave us senses to feel,
the beauty of his creation
that our senses do reveal..
so put a smile on your face,
and thank Him for his gifts,
cut out all the negativity
and heal all those rifts......
so many things move. me...
they are too many to narrate,
but most of all the ability,
to look forward, rejuvenate.

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Comments (2)

A very beautiful poem.A ten from me too. Ashish.
This is a good work.... I applaud you for this tall effort... You have nicely built up the tempo line after line.... a full 10 from me.