Keep Environment Clean And Green

Keep environment clean and green,
That's what all they say.
Some clean it,
Some plant trees,
But what difference does it make?

Like drops of water makes the sea,
Small efforts makes a big deal.
Making it together,
We go further.
That's how we make the difference.

Million of years took life to exist,
Won't take it long, to make it extinct.
Learn it's importance.
Try to make a difference.
A small effort is all it takes.

Don't be reluctant, be selfless for a while,
Not for yourself but for future generations,
Think it.
Make it.
It sure will make you feel better.

by Meg Cloud

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Comments (2)

A very beautiful poem.A ten from me too. Ashish.
This is a good work.... I applaud you for this tall effort... You have nicely built up the tempo line after line.... a full 10 from me.