Like You...My Dear Moon!

yes i am far far away from you somewhere..ok i confess i didnt call you, meet u or dissappear many times as will nvr come back...lets ur time with you can hav a thought abt ur ego n all of ur ignorance

b like d simple yet so nlighten'g yet so cool mov'g yet so quite yet so popular..
So popular still no one knows;

Disappears as nvr comes bck..still its there;
in the dark infinite..
y need so much light to see it though?
seein u.., , feelin u, what u feels it like;
Smelling you as my breath goes high when i feel ur near somewhere?

Waitin fr d crescent to fall;
fall like small snow hails,
...............................illuminated n light
coming frm far far away from a place;
near d heaven,
tats y they r so silent n peaceful;
Yet so popular and no one knows! !

by sunny dhabhai

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