Gender Conundrum

A foetus pleaded to be born a boy
Because he felt he'd lord it over girls
Whom he fancied could employ
His x chromosome to grow on their heads trendy curls.

God berated the boy for his macho wish
Which God felt didn't augur well
For this lad who considered girls fish
On his bloated ego which forever could swell.

The more God denied the chap the favour
The more the bloke on his knees prayed
For God to be fair to him and endeavor
To build him a harem teeming with houris or he'd see red.

God got from the boy a rib
Created a lass so blissful and beautiful
The lad fell head over heels in his crib
Went on bended knees telling the girl his ranting wasn't cool.

The lass told the urchin he'd toil
His entire life to access the love
He dissed unless on her behalf he chose to oil
Her smitten heart by flying her on wings of a pink dove.

The lad could no more debate and ate humble pie
Saying her wildest dreams were henceforth his command
And that he'd never tell, spell and sell a lie
Pledging to do anything and everything she'd demand.

The lass broke into laughter peals
Took the amazed lad for a ride
Burning his heart with taunts and turning down any amorous deals
The lad proposed and told him she'd never cosset his pride.

by John Sensele

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