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Things With Reasons

Why does everything in this world have to have a reason?

Why can't we always be happy without a reason?
Wouldn't it be a happier place to live in with happy people?

Why can't we be nice without a reason?
Wouldn't this be a nicier place with no more wars?

Why can't we be accepted without a reason?
Wouldn't we belong more and nobody can be left out?

Why can't we only have happiness with only people without a reason?
Material things don't bring happiness so we need people to have as friends.

Why can't everyone have a great day without a reason?
If everyone smiled, wouldn't it brightens everyone's day?

Why can't we do good deeds without a reason?
Wouldn't everybody do them and wouldn't it abolish evil?

Why can't we ever do great things without a reason. Wouldn't it be a greater world, filled with anything but sadness?

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