Things Yet To Be


As she sits there dreaming, of things yet to be,
I'm hoping and scheming, one of those things is me,
she dreams of the future, and thinks about the past,
her today is my tomorrow and it surely won't last,
she dreams about the way, things ought to go,
she keeps on dreaming, but she really doesn't know,
she hopes that her world is cheery and bright,
just the way her life is going for her tonight,
it's so peaceful, no fighting, no pain,
she wonders if there will be another, just like it again,
or will there be trouble, danger and strife,
lord she's had enough of that, to last her all her life,
if she can keep on dreaming, all through the night,
maybe her tomorrow will be snowy and white,
she keeps dreaming, she's in her reverie,
tomorrow her world could be peaceful and free,
maybe I should write her, or send a telegram,
to let her know I love her, and I am her man.
you see I had to leave her, I had to go away,
I had to do my duty for the good old USA,
I went with my unit to a country called Iraq,
nobody knew for sure, when we would be coming back,
we have to get a dictator, named Saddam Hussein,
we kicked his butt once, now have it to do all again,
this time might not be so easy, as it was the time before,
he has some different weapons, to even up the score,
will he use that nerve gas, he used on the kurds,
will he use germ warfare, that nasty dirty bird,
I put nothing past him, nothing he won't use,
he would stand beside a bomb, then would lite the fuse,
he is in no hurry, he is in no rush,
he will take his time with this younger Bush,
but the thing he is forgetting, this I know is true,
we don't fight for Bush, but for the RED, WHITE AND BLUE.

written by Harry Bryant
1/7/03 22: 45: 27 ©

by Harry Bryant

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