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Things You Should Know
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Things You Should Know

Poem By Mary Williams

Listen to me kid, I want to tell you something.

You can be rich and happy.
Not all the murdered girls were angels.
The words massive and erection don’t always go together.
The government isn’t always wrong.

Listen to me kid.

The penalty shoot out may be the closest you come
to winning, but it ain’t close enough, not by a long shot.

Fast foods are bad for you, but they taste good, so eat them.
Just remember it’s your body you’re stuffing this crap into.
And anyway I own the restaurant.

Things aren’t quite what they seem.
Are you listening to me?

Speaking ill of the dead
is permissible in the circumstances.

Enjoy the drugs you’re on;
you stole for them, remember?
It was my money and I want you to have a real good time.

And never forget, kid,
we’re here for the duration.
It could be shorter than you think.


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