Think About It

I cannot stop the raging sea from waving,
But I could wave back to the sea.
I cannot halt gale-force winds from blowing,
But I can prevent the wind from blowing my hair.
I cannot erase dark clouds from hovering overhead,
But I can look at dark clouds and smile,
And wait for the sun to shine through.
It makes no senses to dwell on things
I cannot change from the past,
But I can enjoy the present,
Look to the future,
Correct somethings from my past,
To improve some of my tomorrows.
I can't stop from growing older,
But I can change from feeling old.
Lo and behold as we dwell on time;
We can't slow down the essence of time,
But we can slow down from rushing around,
And stop the time of any wasteful living.

by Eddie Timak

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