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With not so much as a whisper,
The words flash through your mind,
Picking the ones you like best,
Spiced with rhythm in rhyme.

Just the poems you feel will last forever,
To be read long after you’ve gone,
Maybe some aspiring musician,
Will use your works in a song.

Sitting all day at your computer,
On the keyboard you do pound,
In front of a quiet colorful monitor,
Posting thoughts without a sound.

Why do I have this in me Lord?
I’d rather have money, cars & such,
What was going through Your mind?
Giving me this soulful poetic touch.

Why can’t I spread the word,
From millions stored in my bank,
Sounds like a great idea to me,
Uh, Hello God, don’t You think?

Well, no matter how it is done,
Assuredly the bottom line is this;
I’m still spreading the message of God,
Through a forum filled with poetic bliss.

Spreading love and compassion,
As when Jesus walked the earth,
Through the depths of your soul,
In praise for all that its worth.

By the gift you’ve been blessed with,
Like eagles wings, still higher to go,
So that when others visit your site,
Sincerely, then they too will know.

Ah ha, very proud of the work you’ve created.
As others smile when stopping to have a look,
However, the ultimate compliment is only given,
When readers take time to sign your guest book.

by Luke Easter

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