Think For Us...

Shining bright in this perfect night,
From it's throne way up high in sight..
He sent a white star shooting down at me,
God gave me an angel in who's eyes I see..

A world with smiles much bigger and bright,
Carrying a glow of his magical moonlight..
Here a wish is fulfilled whenever you pray,
Old tears give birth to a new smile everyday..

Way your smile gets reflected in your eye,
Are simply your emotions which strongly imply..
I know you're the one and my heart won't conceive,
I have found my true love which I do believe..

I do also believe that you very well know,
Whatever my words here are trying to show..
Is only one feeling which is pure as gold,
One feeling I've expressed many a times untold..

I'll be by your side every moment you breathe,
To calm down your soul at times when it seethe..
I'll make it a point to count your every smile,
Rest on my shoulder, feel the warmth for a while..

Just when you sleep I'll slip in your dellusion,
Much better then reality, I'll create an illusion..
Dream us together witness a new feeling born,
Just think for us once before arrival of dawn..

by Abhijit Surve

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