Think For Yourself (Acrostic)

T ry to solve your problems the very best you can,
H elp yourself to discover the lies that lurk within,
I dentify the truth and identify the lie,
N ever let anyone alter the way your feel inside.
K now your opinion and stick to it.

F ollowing the majority like a sheep will get you nowhere,
O bserve your choices, start a trend,
R ebel against the masses.

Y ellow cowardice will hide your true self,
O thers will never know you.
U nothodox as it may be,
R emember to be true to yourself.
S hare your ideas and plans
E xpress your inner tact and
L et the true you shine through.
F eelings were meant to be shared and remembered.

Aubrey McClure

by Aubrey McClure

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Wow great poem! Good advice also! You get a 10 from me ksz