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Think What You Want, You Will Anyway..
KX (March 27 / Long Island, NY)

Think What You Want, You Will Anyway..

Poem By kathryn _xo

say what you will about me
i dont mind
tell all your friends
expose and exagerate my crimes

i was loved at 12
and though i havnt changed since then
the lies i told were exposed
and caused it all to end

i only lied
because the truth you would never understand
especially since all you know
you learned second hand

so please continue to bask
in your ignorance
please contiue to mask
your arrogance
But please dont continue to pretend
you know & love me
since all you really think i am
is someone i pretend to be

anyway i think i prefer to be
the black sheep
in this shallow, to-face family
consumed with its need to feel that
DRUGLIKE superority

now i'm not saying your wrong
though i assure you, your not right
but who am i to take away from you
the very thing that gets you through the night?

i guess all i really want to say
is; go ahead
think what you want about me...
...you will anyway

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