(thinked) Becoming Best Possible You

Self-awareness is a special gift
You can achieve it by examining your soul
Your soul is the "spirit or essence" of who you are
It is a compilation of your mind,
Character, thoughts, and feelings

The soul is the part of you that
"Makes you who you are"
Most people associate the action of thinking
With the brain only but what is in your soul holds
The key to who you truly are

As Plato said, "thinking is the talking of
The soul with itself"
It is the seat or heart of your existence
It wields power and helps
Determine your conscience

Nurture your soul, so that it
Becomes a treasure chest filled with
All the positive traits that you possess
Be in touch with your soul, enrich it
So that you become the "best possible you! "

by Sari Mavi

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