I don¨t think what others are thinking
Because I don¨t think anyone should be thinking
What I am thinking

I can¨t think what you think
Because I know that thinking what you think
Will make you think that all I think about
Is what everyone that thinks is thinking

I don¨t want to think what you are thinking
So that I won¨t think when you think
Because thinking when you are thinking
Will make me think well than what you are thinking

Think about what I am thinking
And remember to think when others are thinking
Because you think that what I am thinking
Is something everyone that thinks has to think?

Don¨t think as if you are thinking of what to think
And think when everybody is starting to think
Because thinking what I am thinking
Will make me think you are a Wrong Thinker.

by Onyeka Nwelue

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