EB ( / Earth)


Thinking is a process which enables us to see
Unshackled stark reality from which we all do flee
Can't recognize duality, the thoughts we have it seems
Confuse, distress but nonetheless are not the same as dream

Thoughts express what we might be, that which we would do
Where fits the world,
Where fits our life
Bright minds bursting through

The secret, is which I have found
My thoughts if I would see
Is not to fit them where I think
Their meanings first would be

Their message sometimes garbled
For they are oft' in code
Thoughts take a little time it seems
To let their colours show

And thoughts are not the obvious
We sometimes think they are
They often carry meaning
In a message from afar

Just who you are and what you are
If you are just like me
Is something you're not sure of (All the time)
But something flying free

Looking for an answer
Looking where to roam
Seeking out your destiny
To find a place called home

So thoughts can be confusing
Feelings mixed, the route unknown
Elusive, misinterpreted
From wild places grown

Yet thoughts let us explore ourselves
Discover what is best
Positively form ideas, advance what's good
Within our minds, quietly, at rest

The other hand, when thoughts are strong
Perhaps they should just settle
Long enough to let them set
Before we test their metal

For having thoughts is one thing
Believing them the next
Time can let the smoke clear
While considering what's best

But thinking is important
More time of ours should fill
Thinking got us where we are
Will take us further still

Whether we're thinking right or not
Well thats another hill
Another hill that Man must climb to fill his craving thirst
For thinking around problems, for imagining the worst

We can be sure on one thing though
For that future which we search
We will find time, wherever we are
To think about it first

by Egal Bohen

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