Thinking About Beautiful Dream

If I am not in your life, do not mind
However, I will come in your dreams every night
Every night I will come and sit, in front of you
Touching you and feeling your soft breaths
Hold your hand and looking into your lake eyes
You are singing and I am listening your sweet voice
My head on your sky laps
You rolling your fingers into my hairs
You dropping your love on me as a rain
Moreover, I play with like a little kid games
And the time is come.......
The moon completed his journey
Stars are going his home
We waked up and came out of the dreams
Here we saw beautiful morning scene
Sun is red and bright birds are singing
Cold polite wind flow, flowers are laughing
Moreover, we both are thinking
About this beautiful dream


Comments (8)

Such a good poem on so many levels
A beautiful dream indeed, splendid undisturbed and a long dreamy slumber gently opens its eye to a wonderful day....all vey nicely said!
wow --- a beautiful piece anju
True, DREAM has No bar…. No conditions… No interference... You can always dream whatever you want.... None can stop you there... well expressed poem....
very nice flow is present in your poem. enjoyed reading it. welcome to poemhunter.
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