Thinking About Change

I'm thinking about
Whether I like it,
Or not
And do I have any
About change?
Life moves on
Day becomes
Night becomes
New becomes
Tomorrow becomes
I was young
But I age
Life continues
To unfold.
I like change
For example,
Someone claimed
That a woman
Who changes
Her hair
Is about to change
Her life.
And I think
She was right
Because I just did!
I feel different
And people treat me
Differently too
Which is not really
Since the change
Is not in here
It's out there
If you know
What I mean
Then again,
Maybe it was
Sparked by change
On the inside.
But we have
I have fears
About what
I must do
Perhaps something
Am I really able?
Or what I must
Give up
Or have to
Let go of
How will life be
Without it?
A brave man said:
May your choices
Your hopes
And not
Your fears.
So we move on
Summer turns to
Then winter comes
Like it or not
If you want to change
You have to
Be willing to
Be uncomfortable.
Maybe you want
Something better
From yourself
From life
And, after all
Your life
Does not get better
By chance,
It gets better
By change.
You take a
New route...
If you don't like
Where you are
Then change it -
You are not
A tree.
Winter ends
Spring finally comes
The discomfort
Bears fruit.
A clever man said
That intelligence
Is the ability
To adapt
To change.
Change is hard
At first,
Messy in the middle
And gorgeous
At the end,
Said another.
I've been thinking
About change
I fear it
I fight it
I hate it
I like it
I embrace it
I love it
And I know that
Is the law
Of life

by Laurie Van der Hart

Comments (1)

Great, Great poem You spoke a lifetime here And so many of your and our fears Are also reflected here. And it moved so easily, traveling with light and thru time and thru the whole of how life is. With our fears and cheers and life bubbling away, everyday leading to today, the passing of Time, life the way it is, not just hear say, full of feelings and fears, maybe differed wt. the passing of everyday. A must read and not just for one day but for many times. A genuine gem, a poetic diamond, that will out live, Time.