Thinking About Us

Poem By Almedia Knight Oliver

As we cowardly grow old
As we sit nodding as our books sneak to the floor
As we rock and talk of to sleep

Lovely moments we share and
No scarcity of delight grace our face

Four lights flicker and
fade into the darkness

This poem descends
Into silence of stillness
But verses stay in motion

Almedia S. Knight or (ASK)

Comments about Thinking About Us

‘In Gerontological Psychiatry you’ve mastered’ Last three lines set me into out of inertia…psychic…poetic…noetic… Lofty…grandeur 10//10++ Ms. Nivedita UK
Almedia 'Cowardly grow old' struck a cord in me. It is not easy to keep one's spirit up as friends and family grow old with us and sickness can so easily prevail. The companionship you share is beautifully expressed and I can see how you move together in your lives of love for one another! 10 Karin Anderson
simple but very good it speaks for itself u explained it so simple but it has a nice flow very nice to read 10 :)

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