SM (Thane / 11/12/1983)

Thinking About You

When i am lonely, and think of the future;
It seems to be a nightmare if u are not there,

A life without you seema to be so wrong,
My days would be lonely, the nights so long,

Then i think of the day when you were here,
Every look in your eyes told me that you cared,

The touch of your hand said that you will never leave me,
Your sweetest smile told that you would never decieve me,

But as the time went on and the nights passed by,
The knots of our love began to untie,

i tried to stop you but started running out of luck,
I had always been a fighter, but without you i give up,

I know i am not perfect, please try to understand,
I make mistakes 'coz i am just a man,

So would you be so kind to overlook the faults in me,
Would you be so kind to love me unconditionally,

We dont have to wait forever, for the rest of our lives,
Coz if you are feeling what i am feeling then this is the right time,

To say that i love you, to say that i care,
Coz till the end of the time, i will be there.

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