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Thinking About You...
PA Prankul Agarwal ( / )

Thinking About You...

Thinking about you...

Hey do you know what do i do?
in musical nights so beautiful,
when i am alone in my rooom,
n light music keep flowing,
keep flowing that soft breeze,
mE sitting near my window,
eyes watchin' the moon,
sad n alone in the rich sky,
i keep watchin',
those hundreds of stars,
happy n befriended in the same sky.
I suddenly see a flash,
like a shooting star,
people come in our lives,
like a shootin' star,
they leave and become invisible.
I keep thinkin',
n falls asleep.
night slips away,
when somebody gimme a nibble,
wake up! ! ! ,
I open my eyes,
n see most beautiful of her smile,
gently holding my hands,
tryin' desperately to pull me out,
i really open my eyes,
it vanishes,
it was a dream,
dream over dream.

I get back to my piano,
and start playing,
dunno why,
i start playing,
most painful of all tunes,
most sad of all tunes,
n most touchin of them,
tears keep flowing,
but i am not going to stop today,
let the world take notice,
let them get flooded,
my tears,
its just mine.
-Prankul(1st Nov,2004)

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