SE (July 19,1991 / Calgary AB)

Thinking Good

To learn about the mind,
to know whats behind,
to not think whats behind,
and to know whats on the mind,
the forward you don't fully know,
the behind you don't have to,
the forward will soon come,
but the now is you,
fight away the problems,
fight away the pain,
for pain causes problems,
and problems turn to pain,
look at what you have,
and not what you had,
think about the good,
and not about the bad,
ups and downs,
too many frowns,
turn upside down,
then no more frown,
pick a card,
think good,
life won't be so hard,
pick a card,
think bad,
life may be hard,
the things you do,
the things you've done,
it all dissappears,
it all ends gone,
go through life no tear no fear,
cause life will bring you good you hear,
play it good,
then good will come,
play it bad,
then good will run.

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