Thinking In Bed

I'm thinking in bed,
Cause I can't get out
Till I learn how to think
What I'm thinking about;
What I'm thinking about
Is a person to be--
A sort of a person
Who feels like me.

I might still be Alice,
Excepting I'm not.
And Snoopy is super,
But not when it's hot;
I couldn't be Piglet,
I don't think I'm Pooh,
I know I'm not Daddy
And I can't be you.

My breakfast is waiting.
My clothes are all out,
But what was that thing
I was thinking about?
I'll never get up
If I lie here all day;
But I still haven't thought,
So I'll just have to stay.

If I was a Grinch
I expect I would know.
But I don't think so.
There's so many people
I don't seem to be--
I guess I'll just have to
Get up and be me.

by Dennis Lee

Comments (2)

Of course; the big, big problem here is the last verse. It would really improve the whole thing if you just took it out completely a put something else in it's place. I'm sure, whatever it was you put in ; would improve it. The other verses, by the way, were excellant.
Wouldnt it have been great to be snoopy though, I like it, nice tempo.