For Sadistic Pleasure

None need yearn
For heaven
Dogs only
And guard they*
The heaven
To hell go, men
Say wise men
For the deeds
To animals
Oh won't learn
There even
Tease the devil
Sadistic pleasure!

by Dr PJ Raj Kamal

Comments (2)

I really liked the first several stanzas. The rhyme and repetition were deceptively simple, as the poem progressed I realized it was not just a sing-songy thing your were writing, not a greeting card, but something about a complex, painful situation. I found that worthy of a poem. The last couple stanzas didn't have quite the impact for me, though I'm not sure what to suggest, to strengthen them.
very nice poem...well written....sorry to hear if these words are true....that anybody would raise their hand to you. this i will never raise a hand in anger to a woman from a man. Brian