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Thinking Of You, Wherever You Are

Thinking of you, wherever you are.
That person could be anyone.
Your spouse, relative, sibling, friend.
Someone who saved your life.
A police officer, a fireman, or a doctor.

Everyone has someone to think about.
They might not be alive but you are still thinking about them.
thinking of you, wherever you, can't describe that feeling some people have.
Losing a loved one,
going seperate ways,
growing farther apart.
We were best friends back then.
What happened?
That was then, but this is now.
Everyone hates that feeling.
You cant describe that kind of weight on your back.
Mostly grief, sadness, and maybe some guilt.
Thinking of you, wherever you are.
You just dont know it yet.

Noone cares where their love one is,
but they are thinking of them.
People who risk their lives everyday to make yours safer,
We are thinking of you, wherever you are.

And if you are parting forever,
its doesnt matter how much you see eachother,
but how much you think of eachother.
Friends share the same bonds though their paths may differ.

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