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Thinking.Part 2

But what truly is this other way
Is it something I see, obtained through what I say
Am I on some hidden path with a meaning all on it's own
Or am I the leading soul drifting far far away from home
The superficial thoughts that cloud my mind
Are the same thoughts that come from the same heart that allows me to transcend time
But do I really care about the carnality of this flesh
Should i feel discouraged even though the struggles of this life try their best
Should I cry because I feel hopeless or because I have no hope
Should I cry because I can honestly tell you I won't
You will not see me bend my head towards the dust and rocks
Because I am already that diamond in which all brilliance is sought
And even with this knowledge I stil don't know what life is to me
But I do realize that my mind is set free
I used to believe that love was a lost virtue that we will all forever miss
But that was before I knew the power of that special one's kiss

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Robert Frost

The Road Not Taken

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